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What is jock itch?

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Fungal infections are the most common causes of jock itch…what are the other causes?

- Wearing clothing and underwear that are too tight.

- Wearing clothing and underwear that do not allow air circulation. It’s always best to wear cotton as this will keep you dry.

- Sweating excessively, resulting in moisture and warmth in the problem area.

jock itch pic, pic of jock itch

- Rubbing of the skin (friction)

- Food allergies ~ A jock itch home remedy might not be what you need. You will need to start illuminating things from your diet until you find the culprit food that is causing your problem.

- Fungal infections ~ These are usually treated with antifungal creams

- Yeast infections jock itch

- Bacterial growth

Jock itch symptoms

(you can have one or more of the symptoms of jock itch)

- A red rash that might have elevated edges in severe jock itch

- Itching and/or burning sensation

- Dry skin, flaky, cracking skin

- Ladies may get a vaginal discharge in the incidence of yeast infection

- Sometimes there is no physical evidence just an itch.

- The skin may appear darker or lighter in the problem area

- Scaly rash as seen in jock itch images

- Red bumps

- Pus bumps that may ooze

Can women get jock itch?

Jock itch is not something that only affects men, it can be found in ladies too. Female jock itch can be found on the inner thighs, the panty line, vaginal opening (vulva). Jock itch in women is not as common as in men though.

It can also be found on the anus of both men and women. If you look at the jock itch pictures, you will have an idea of what this condition looks like for self diagnosis.

Jock itch on penis

It is very rare but, a jock itch penis is found occasionally and in this case it mostly effects the penis head.

Is jock itch contagious?

It is mostly found in overweight individuals or individuals with diabetes and immune disorders. Jock itch can be contagious but is mostly caused by other health factors.

It usually only lasts for a few weeks at most. If your jock itch does not improve with these home remedies or lasts longer than 2 weeks with treatment you will need to see your dermatologist.

Jock itch prevention.

- Keep the groin area clean and dry.

- Wash at least twice daily with soap and water…especially after exercise.

- Wear 100% cotton underwear that fits loosely and avoid wearing synthetic fabrics.

- Avoid harsh fabric softeners and detergents

- Don’t use other people’s towels, underwear or personal hygiene items.

- Avoid using perfume or other irritants in the problem areas

- Jock itch can spread via intercourse with an infected person

- Jock itch powder ~ Use an antifungal powder in the area to keep it dry.

- Eat a good balanced diet and drink plenty of water. Avoid greasy and sugary foods.

Scratching can spread the itch and cause more discomfort and more serious problems like cellulitis.

Other medical conditions that could be confused with jock itch…

Ringworm, eczema , contact dermatitis, intertrigo, heat rash, inverse psoriasis, erythrasma and dry skin (xerosis). Pictures of jock itch may differ, depending on what’s causing the problem. The cure for jock itch will then also differ.

Jock itch home remedy

- Bath in Epsom salts, put one handful of Epsom salts in your bath water daily.

- Bath in Salt water. Just add as much sea salt to your bath water as you wish.

- A fungal jock itch can be treated by washing with an antifungal wash twice a day. You can also get an antifungal jock itch cream for jock itch treatment

- Your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic as a jock itch cure or special antifungal jock itch medicine.

- Herbs that can help treat jock itch : Calendula, Aloe vera and tea tree oil

- Garlic jock itch remedy: Can be taken orally or applied directly to the problem spot. Garlic is a natural antibiotic when taken in big enough doses internally. You can take two to three garlic capsules daily for treatment for jock itch.

When should I see my doctor?

- If it lasts for longer than 2 weeks while on treatment

- If the rash keeps spreading with the use of home remedies for jock itch

- If you are in severe pain

- Formation of an abscess

- Any cold symptoms such as raised temperature or sore body

- Chronic jock itch ~ Persistent jock itch or when it keeps coming back

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