The Benefits of Dry Brushing Skin

Does Dry Brushing Really Work?

Dry body brushing is a wonderful way to give your skin a little make- over! 

But what is dry brushing?

dry body brushing Dry Body brushing

It is ridiculously simple.  It is brushing your dry skin with a natural body brush.  These brushes are usually made from a natural fibre or sisal fibres. You don’t wet the brush either.  It’s the dry brush on your dry skin.  

Now this tickles my fancy because it drastically cuts down on the minutes I have to spend looking for some lotion, and performing some procedure. Minutes I sometimes just don’t have in my busy school run mornings! And of course there are no extra minutes in the evening either! Because after a glass of wine and a quick episode of Master Chef – I have officially ran out of spare minutes.  

So body brushing is CHEAP (only have to buy one brush that can last a decade) and it's FAST (only uses my spare minutes).

How to Dry Brush

I find that it’s easier to do just before my shower.  But you could of course do it any time of the day.  Dry skin brushing is a little unpleasant in the winter – because it’s quite uncomfortable to be standing in your birthday suit for 5 minutes while vigorously scrubbing away.  So during the colder months, I do it in layers.  Bottoms off first while keeping my top layers on, and then very sadly those also get thrown off and I brush my top parts too.  

You should always start at your feet and work your way up.  The point of the whole thing is to get the blood back up to your heart so that it can re oxygenate it.  So starting at your feet, brush up towards your knees, giving equal strokes to your shin area and calves.  Then if you are like me, and have some “fleshy thighs", concentrate on this area.  Maybe doing 20 brushes on your thighs (always upwards towards the heart) and then do 20 more on your hamstring area.  On the buttocks and stomach, use a circular motion, always brushing in a clockwise direction.  Brush downwards from the collar bones but stop just before your breasts.  I’m not sure they like to be brushed with hard bristles.  When you get to your arms, brush upwards, making sure you get all areas.  You can purchase a nice long handled brush that can get to your back.  I don’t have one of those – so I just skip my back.  

After this – hop into the shower - and that’s that!  One of the best benefits of dry brushing, is to eventually restore the skin’s natural ability to moisturize.  So the need to put on creams and lotions (and all their additives and preservatives and all those words we can’t even pronounce) should be reduced until we don’t even need any creams.

Dry Skin Brushing Benefits


Dry brushing your skin is a wonderful way to naturally exfoliate your skin. The natural fibre bristles of the brush are quite hard – so you are left looking a little pink after you have brushed your skin.  This is an amazing way to get rid of dead skin cells.  This encourages cell renewal and your skin will be left looking smoother and younger.  (That’s the hope anyway).

Lymph Drainage

Now if we put all our vain reasons aside (because truthfully – that’s why I do most of these things.  Not for the health benefits of dry brushing as much as I’m hoping I’ll look better after), one of the main and most important reasons to launch into dry body brushing, is for the lymphatic drainage.  Our lymphatic system has one main job and that is to filter toxins and excess fluid.  And also our skin is our body’s biggest organ of elimination, so regular brushing helps the toxins to be excreted through the skin.

Dry Brushing Cellulite

Now I’m talking your language.  You probably didn’t read the section above.  The lymph drainage thing.  But go back and read, because all that stuff about toxins and blah blah blah – is the stuff that kills our cellulite!!  When your lymph can filter all your toxins, you get a more even distribution of fat cells – which means fewer lumps and bumps on your legs.


So to sum up ( for those of you who don’t have enough spare minutes and are only able to read the last few lines of most blogs) this is what dry skin brushing has done for me:

  • It makes me feel a lot less “stodgy".  You know – that winter feeling you sometimes get -  when your skin is dry and flaky and you feel a bit frumpy from your winter eating.  That’s when brushing definitely helps me feel more toned and more moisturized.  
  • Overtime, it helps increase your body’s ability to “self-moisturize".  I find that I don’t use creams and lotions as my skin seems to keep itself moisturized.
  • It does help with cellulite.  But obviously that goes hand in hand with proper hydration, diet and exercise.  Every bit helps though! (dry brushing cellulite before and after pictures

Just give it a go.  Commit to doing it for a month and see how you feel afterwards.  It is a long term commitment but one that is definitely worth committing to! (With our spare minutes of course).

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