Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Spider bites brown recluse

Most spiders are harmless, but brown recluse spider bites can cause some damage.

There are very few spider bites that can actually cause tissue damage and it is very rare that a spider bite results in death.

The venom of a brown recluse spider is even more toxic than that of a rattle snake, yet it cannot do as much damage because the spider can only release small amounts of the venom into the victim.

The brown recluse spider is mainly found in the Midwestern, Southeastern states.

Very few spiders have ever been found in any other states and have been frequently confused with other similar looking spiders such as the desert recluse found in Texas, Arizona and California... a bite from one of theses will cause a bit of discomfort, but wont be half as bad as the real brown recluse spider bite. Although, not all people are effected badly when bitten by a genuine brown recluse.

This type of spider is not aggressive and will only attack when it feels like it needs to protect itself or when pressed up against something.

What do they look like?

Have a look at the brown recluse spider bite pictures below...

- They have six eyes instead of eight, but these eyes are too small for you and me to see them.

- They have a clear, unmistakable violin like pattern on their backs.

- They are brown in color with darker legs than body

Where are they found?

- Attics, under porches, in barns, basements and places that are dark and enclosed.

What happens when this type of spider bites?

Brown recluse spider bite effects…

- The venom will start to kill cell membranes which will breakdown skin, fat, hair and blood vessels, this results in necrosis “tissue death” in the area of the bite. The body of the victim will then start releasing inflammatory substances that will attempt to fight the venom… sometimes these inflammatory substances can actually do more damage to the person... causing blood clots, coma and even death in severe cases.

- The area starts off with a red tinge, then blistering and blue discoloration of the skin, eventually death of skin which results in a deep wide wound sometimes.

- Brown recluse spider bite progression ~ may take weeks or even months to heal.

Brown recluse spider bite photos...

Brown recluse spider bite symptoms

- The area may feel as if a bee has stung you and then you may have severe pain for about three hours

- The wound may vary in size from the size of a penny to the size of a flat hand and sometimes even larger.

- Recluse spider bite symptoms may include severe itching in the area of the bite

- Nausea, Fever, Vomiting and Muscle pain.

Important Tip

- If a spider bites you, always keep the spider in a bottle if possible…this will help your doctor treat your specific spider bite.

Remedies “self care”

- Apply ice to the area to decrease swelling and pain.

- Elevate the area

- Wash the area with water and a hypoallergenic soap.

- Try to relax and minimize movement, which will spread he venom.

- Take some form of pain relief medication.

- Always go see your doctor in the case of a spider bite.

- Activated charcoal can neutralize the toxins. It can be used as a compress. Can be changed every half hour. Also soaking in charcoal water can prevent further damage of skin.

Things to avoid with a spider bite

- Avoid applying heat to the area. Heat can actually cause even more tissue damage.

- Do not apply any hydrocortisone creams to the area.

- Never try to cut out the infected area or try to suck out the venom

- Do not apply any voltage to the area. There are no studies to support this and this could cause extra damage as well as burns.

- Do not put pressure on the wound by putting a tourniquet on.

Brown recluse spider bite treatment

- Your doctor may give you some pain mediation

- Antibiotics and antihistamine medication for relief of itchiness.

- There are no anivenoms available for a brown recluse spider bite

- Cortisone-type hormones are used by some doctors

How do you prevent a spider bite?

- Always shake your clothing out before putting them on, also check your shoes too.

- Wear gloves when working outside or in the basement or attic.

- Always check your bedding or towels before using them

- Keep your house and garden clean

- Reduce clutter and places where a spider may hide

- Move building material and such away from your house

- Seal all cracks and crevices in walls

- Make sure that your windows and doors are tight fitting when closed

- Use sealed boxes or bags when storing items. Want to share your spider bite brown recluse experience or ask questions? Or share you brown recluse spider bite picture...

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