Brown Spots on Hands

How Brown Spots Occur

Brown spots, or liver spots, occur mostly on people with fair complexions, and they may also, to a lesser extent, occur on those with darker skin.

They develop on areas of the body that have experienced the most sun exposure over the years, and are generally seen on the back of the hands, face and upper back. Brown spots generally have an oval shape, and they occur where increased pigmentation has begun. The size varies from that of a small spot, about the size of a pen tip, to larger areas where clusters are developing.

Brown spots on hands are very common. Your hands are constantly exposed, and therefore bear the brunt of sun exposure over the years. Spots that occur as a result of sun exposure can also occur as red spots. It all depends on how your body processes melanocytes. If you have been applying sufficient lotion with a high sun protection factor (SPF), even if you already have some brown spots, it will help avoid the development of even more spots. 

More to this point, after you start treating spots, you should be more judicious about applying lotion with a high SPF so as to avoid reversing the progress you have made through treating the spots you already have.

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Natural Brown Spots on Hands

Brown spots on hands occur as a result of a natural process of the skin. The reason increased pigmentation occurs after sun exposure is due to the body’s increased production of melanocytes. 

Your body is trying to protect your skin from sun damage, which is why it produces additional melanocytes. This increases the amount of melanin in the skin, which is also what is responsible for skin color. This turns the skin darker, in patches, on the surface of the skin. 

Stress, pregnancy, vitamin deficiency, aging, genetics and weak liver functioning can all lead to brown spots on skin. No matter what causes them to arrive, they are not something you just have to arbitrarily live with. If you start treating them as soon as they show up, you will likely be able to abate the development of new spots, and lessen the appearance of those you already have. 

Removing age spots is not a daunting task. It can be done at home, and with concerted effort; most people will see results in a short period of time.

Home Remedies for Treatment of Brown Spots

There are great home remedies for removing age spots.


Yogurt, which has lactic acid, is one popular choice for dealing with these spots. Yogurt contains a natural acid, alpha-hydroxy, which makes it a very popular component of any do-it-yourself home skincare system. This acid will help thwart the spread of even more brown spots, while at the same time helping the ones you already have, fade. The reason this works is because lactic acid promotes cell turnover, and will therefore interfere with melanin formation. Melanin will not have time to develop if cell turnover is expedited. If using this home remedy for brown spots, you should choose a plain, organic, unsweetened yogurt for best results.

Lemon juice 

Lemon juice has long been considered one of nature’s miracles. To use this gift of nature to lighten age spots, you would squeeze the juice of a few lemons into a small saucer. Using cotton balls, you will soak up some of the fresh lemon juice and apply it to the areas where you have spots. Rinse the area thoroughly when you are through. If you do this every day for 2 weeks, you will notice a lightening of dark spots. Your skin might be sensitive to lemon, and if this is the case, mix it with chamomile or yogurt. This will help reduce skin sensitivity.

Lemon juice can also be mixed with sugar to create a gentle exfoliator treatment for removing brown spots. You would gently rub this mixture into your skin, moving in a circular motion. Seeing results from exfoliating with this mixture will also take about 2 weeks of daily applications. After this period of time, you should see appreciable results. If not, there are other options to try.

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Chamomile is a very gentle herb that can help lighten dark spots. If you make a cup of hot tea, and then let it cool, you can apply the liquid directly to brown spots using a cotton ball. If you have several spots, taking a bath with some chamomile tea bags in it might be your best choice. This might be the only way to garner the benefits of this effective treatment in the event you have several dark spots.

Some of these methods might work for you, while others will not. It will be necessary to try each until you discover which works best for you. Then again, you might try all of these methods and still not achieve desired results. At this point, it might be best to consult with a dermatologist. 

A dermatologist can discuss the use of retinoids for lightening dark spots. Retinoids have proven very effective at reducing skin discoloration and making brown spots appear lighter. In some cases, spots will disappear entirely. Retinoids, as well as the other dark-spot treatment methods mentioned here, will all likely make your skin more sensitive to the sun after use. In fact, it might be best to use these treatments before bed. This will allow ample time for absorption before your skin is exposed to the sun again. 

Finally, you should regularly apply soothing aloe gel to your skin after being in the sun. The cooling effects of aloe will slow, or even stop, the development of melanin.

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