Cellulite Exercises

Best Exercises for Cellulite

There are many cellulite exercises that help in reducing cellulite. Anti cellulite exercise will burn fat, increase blood circulation and detoxify your body.

Targeted exercise works on the specific areas where cellulite has formed.
Remember, a well balanced, healthy diet is very important too. All the exercise you do, will help strengthen and tone the muscles as well as increase blood flow, but a bad diet will lessen the effectiveness of your efforts.

Here are Two Effective and Easy Anti-Cellulite Exercises:

Walking – Walking at a faster pace than casual strolling, whilst taking a longer stride, will raise your heart rate and increase blood circulation as well as tone your inner and outer thighs. Most importantly, this will stimulate the lymphatic system.

Walk with purpose and determination for at least thirty minutes. Walking is one of the easiest cellulite exercises.

If possible, find a route with a few up hills, walking on a treadmill is convenient, because you can select the incline and speed.

Always remember to keep your health and safety in mind, if you start getting a little tired, then slow down. If you feel dizzy, stop for a while. Remember to drink enough water; sipping on a bottle while you walk.

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Rebounding – Rebounding on a mini trampoline is probably the best exercise for cellulite because it:

* Strengthens the connective tissue in the skin, where the cellulite forms.

* It stimulates the lymphatic system which removes the toxins/waste from the body. The lymphatic system does not have a pump like the heart, so it needs us to move around and breathe for stimulation.

Rebounding actually accomplishes all these at once, whilst adding a gravitational factor to it, by the downward force acting on the whole body.

* These cellulite removal exercises stimulate and help drain the endocrine system from excess hormones, which also play a roll in the formation of cellulite.

* It aids blood circulation; causing a pulling action inside the veins.

* As an added bonus these types of exercises for cellulite, increase bone density and strengthen ligaments and tendons.

Rebounding is easy to do and you can start from as little as fifteen minutes a day. You can do it at home or at the gym. Always remember your health and safety, don't do too much at once.

The Best way to Reduce and even Get Rid of Cellulite is to:

Combine the effects of Lifestyle, Exercise and Diet. The cause of cellulite is only thirty percent genetic, but seventy percent lifestyle.

* Drink more Detoxifying Drinks such as water, detoxifying tea's, fruit smoothies/Juice, Vegetable Smoothies/Juice or Cranberry Juice etc.
Stop or radically reduce caffeine and alcohol intake, especially alcohol, because alcohol pushes the bodies acid and toxin levels up even further, and will not be beneficial to your anti-cellulite endeavours.

Dry Brushing with a natural fibre brush, at least three times a week before bathing or showering. This further detoxifies the body; the brushing stimulates the lymphatic system.

Read more about the benefits of dry brushing here. 

Alkaline Baths - Epsom Salts is the cheapest option amongst the alkaline bath salts, adding these alkaline bath salts to your bath water, will make it more alkaline. The skin will try to maintain its PH balance, and as a result it will draw out bad acids from the body, to the skin surface to compensate.

Eat more Fruits and Vegetables. Eat less red meat, white pasta, white rice, eggs, dairy and processed foods. Replace unhealthy fats with healthy fats, such as coconut oil, olive oil and seeds / nuts.

Exercise to reduce cellulite at least five times a week. The accumulated effect is amazing, just once every week day. Walking, Rebounding, Lunges and Squats are of the easiest exercises to reduce cellulite.

Share your own cellulite reducing exercises…

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