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What is a cold sore?

A cold sore is a small, painful fluid filled blister found in and/or outside the mouth. Have a look at the Herpes cold sore picture to get an idea of what these sores look like.

Is it a cold sore or pimple? The best thing to do, is to wait it out; do not press it, a cold sore can spread. Pimples should also be left alone; bacteria may enter and cause an infection. Natural cures for cold sores are always best.

There are two different types of sores often confused with each other:

A. Cold sores “fever blisters” which are caused by the Herpes simplex virus type 1.

B. Canker sores which are bacterial infections inside the mouth.

What are the differences between these?

Cold Sores “fever blisters”

Canker sores

* Caused by the Herpes simplex virus through contact with infected saliva usually during childhood.

* Caused by bacteria which harbors in small cuts inside the mouth. These Canker sores are more common in persons who stress a lot or who have bad diets.

* Blisters are found on the external lip, mouth area (gums and roof of mouth) and nose area.

* Found inside the mouth on soft tissue areas like the inside of the lips and inside of cheek.

* It takes between 7 & 14 days to clear

* look like a small, round white area surrounded by a red ring.

* Is a cold sore contagious? Yes, highly contagious

* Not contagious at all

* Usually disappears within 5 to 10 days.

This page will discuss cold sore remedies “fever blister treatment” and cold sore treatment.

Cold sore symptoms / cold sore stages

• Usually starts with an itching sensation in the area of the lips or nose.

• Small blisters start to appear

• The blisters break and ooze out

• The blisters become a crust and eventually disappear.

What causes fever blisters to appear?

Avoid any possible triggers of cold sores like:

Some of the causes of cold sores include:

picture of lips, image of lips, womans lips

• Fever, colds and flu is what causes cold sores most of the time,

• Excessive stress (mental and physical),

• Sunburn,

• Extreme fatigue,

• Menstruation,

• Low immune system from bad diet habits

• Some other dietary triggers may include chocolate, peanuts/seeds and acidic foods such as tomatoes or citric fruits.

• Rubbing/chafing of the skin.

How to treat cold sores ~ Fever blister cures

Tips and home remedies for cold sores (fever blisters treatment)

• Do not fidget with it: Any unnecessary fiddling can cause the cold sore to become infected

picture of raw licorice, licorice image, picture of licorice

• Eat some licorice! Apparently the glycyrrhizic acid in licorice (pure or processed) can stop the virus; make sure that its real licorice and not just flavored with Anise.

• Avoid contact with it: Refrain from kissing anyone and keep your hands clean to avoid contaminating other areas of your body like your eyes or genital areas.

• Sun protection: Sunburn can cause cold sores to occur more regularly. Use a lip balm that contains sunscreen SPF 15 or more. Natural sun protection.

• Freeze the blister for a quick cold sore remedy! Rub an ice block or some cold milk on the blister as often as you can, especially in the beginning stages of the blister when you first feel the tingling sensation. This is said to decrease the fever blister’s life span and at the same time give some cold sore relief.

• Boost your immune system with Zinc: You can use Zinc as a fever blister remedy; It will boost the immune system, which could be what caused the fever blister originally.

• Cold sore prevention is better than trying to get a cold sore cure! Avoid eating artificial sweeteners all together.

• Lysine cold sore remedy: Eat foods containing Lysine or take a 1000 mg Lysine capsule 3 x per day to prevent a cold sore outbreak and for treatment of cold sores. Foods that are high in Lysine include meat and dairy products.

• Eating a good diet including lots of fruits and vegetables is the best home remedy for cold sores.

• Cover the cold sore with petroleum jelly. This will protect it from outside germs that could make the problem worse. Do not cover it with makeup; there are chemicals in the makeup that could aggravate the sore. Natural anti aging DIY makeup recipes here.

• Treating cold sores by getting a new toothbrush! A toothbrush may be harboring the virus which could re-infect you later.

• Garlic home remedy for cold sore: Garlic is a natural antibiotic and will help boost your immune system; which will help you get rid of the cold sore quicker. Odorless garlic supplements can be found at most chemists.

• Take an extra vitamin C supplement to speed healing. Including a multivitamin that contains Echinacea can also help with the treatment of cold sores.

• Salt cold sore home remedy: just rub it in; it may burn a little, but it works.

More remedies here

Honey and cinnamon remedy

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Are cold sores contagious? Yes, very contagious! Avoid kissing anybody when you have a cold sore.

Found some cold sore medication that has worked for you? Share your best cold sore cures & cold sore home remedies here…

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