Dry Brushing

What is dry brushing? 

Just that, lightly brushing the epidermis skin when it is dry. Dry skin brushing has been used for many years, mainly by European and Russian cultures. However, about 30 years ago, a Finnish physician introduced this successful technique to global appeal.

Not only does it exfoliate the skin, but this procedure also detoxifies and stimulates new, healthier skin cells. 

European spas and certain cancer treatment centers use dry skin brushing for the betterment of their clients and patients today – it has received global appeal. 

Additional benefits of dry skin brushing include: 

* Awaken and create new skin cells for improved appearance.

* Removes dead skin cells.

* Unclog pores.

* Opens pores for restorative oils and moisturizers to be introduced onto the skin.

* Improves lymphatic drainage.

* More effective in natural skin toxin cleansing.

* Increase skin tone. 

Does dry brushing work?

Yes, it sloughs away the dry skin layers on parts of the body, like the knees, elbows, and ankles. 

The dry skin brushing technique promotes increased blood flow and provides improved cell renewal growth for a smooth, glowing complexion. Also, dry brushing to tighten skin layers is a very effective method for younger looking skin. 

Dry brushing helps the body's lymphatic system release built up toxins and aids in proper digestion and kidney functions. 

The medicinal benefits of dry brushing skin methods are to clean the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a part of the body's immune system and is made up of white blood cells called lymphocytes. The body's detoxification system begins in the lymph system, which covers our cells in nutrients and removes its waste. Lymphatic dry brushing reduces infections and supports the immune system during treatments for cancer and many other chronic illnesses. 

This is why dry brushing is encouraged and used by many medical institutions, as well as healthcare providers and spa centers. After several days of stimulating the lymph cells through dry brushing skin detox method, some individual's will see a gelatinous mucoid matter in their stools. Not to fear, this is a healthy, normal sign that the intestinal tract is renewing itself and individuals will feel energized and invigorated. 

The colon is a vital part of our nutritional health. Dry brushing skin for colon cleansing is critical for improving the digestion and absorption of our food, for the daily elimination of waste. The body naturally eliminates excess cell waste, but dry skin brushing actually speeds up the process, while also boosting the body's circulation system and delivering oxygenated blood to the skin and other organs, which aids in their normal operational process. 

The dry skin brushing technique also tones the muscles by stimulating the nerve endings that move muscle fibers and helps to evenly distribute fat deposits. This is why dry brushing weight loss is a popular daily regiment because you also can shed more than 8 pounds of dead skin.

Reducing problem cellulite areas is successfully accomplished through cellulite dry skin brushing techniques. Excess skin toxins can be trapped in the subcutaneous layers of fat cells, which are located just beneath the skin - this causes cellulite. 

Dry brushing improves the skin's appearance and smoothes former cellulite areas.

One such method that ensures success is the coconut oil and dry brushing massage treatment, which involves the following: 

* Take a nice hot shower to open up the pores.

* Dry the body fully.

* Rub virgin coconut oil on the cellulite areas and massage into the skin.

* Pat dry the cellulite areas completely.

* Use a dry brush on the affected cellulite body areas. 

 Dry skin brushing for the better appearance of the outer skin is easy and it only takes a few minutes.

Some dry skin brushing tips involve the type of brush to use, how often to dry brush and how to dry brush: 

* Dry skin brushing can be done daily, even twice a day.

* Brush for a period of 3 to 5 minutes, daily.

* The skin should be thoroughly dry.

* Brush the skin towards the heart because that's the way the lymph system naturally flows.

* Use long sweeps, but do not scrub harshly, don't brush back and forth.

* Brush bristles should be made from natural fibres, preferably vegetable fibres.

* Don't use a synthetic brush, because it will too easily scratch the epidermis, causing irritation.

 * Keep the dry brush dry.

* Use soap and water, every couple of weeks, to keep the dry brush clean.

 * After washing the dry brush, make sure that it is completely dry before using it again.

 * Don't store a dry brush inside a shower where mildew can form.

* Natural brush bristles should be a little stiff, but not too hard.

* Hand brushes are good for parts of the body that are hard to reach, like the back, shoulders, and buttocks.

* Use an attachable handle brush for those hard to reach body areas.

* Begin with the feet and gently brush up the legs to the hands and arms.

* use very light circular massage motions on the abdomen and other sensitive areas. 


After performing daily dry brushing skin exercises like this, the skin feels soft and smoother. Remember to always use long gentle, but firm, strokes. If your skin turns red, it only means that the pressure on your upward strokes is too heavy. 

Dry body brushing is designed to stimulate and not to irritate the skin. Also, new beginners to the dry skin brushing technique, will see a lot of dead skin sloth off of the body. Simply take a quick shower to get some of the skin dust off the surface. Follow up with a drink of hot water and lemon to help reinvigorate the digestive system. 

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