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How to remove warts naturally

Warts usually disappear all by themselves, but why wait…getting rid of warts quicker with natural remedies.

What are warts? What causes warts? What do warts look like?

What is a wart and causes of warts…

- Viral infection ( human papilloma virus or HPV ) that enters through crack in the skin. It can be transferred by contact with another person who has the HPV warts.

- Too much sun exposure, menstruation and stress

Getting rid of warts in 3 Days - Easily, naturally & without surgery

Different types of warts

There are different types of skin warts…common, plantar warts, flat, filiform, Periungual and genital warts

1. The common wart: Also called seed warts, are usually not very large, they are the cauliflower looking type of wart. They are usually grey or brown but can also be flesh colored. They usually have dark spots in them. They are usually found as warts on hands, on the knees and elbows.

2. The plantar wart: The planters wart - foot warts - is a wart found on the feet. The Plantars wart is usually painful because they are in contact with shoes and the pressure of walking on them doesn’t help either. Planters warts look the same as the common warts and are also known as the seed wart.

3. The flat warts: Mostly found on the face and found in clusters. The flat wart is very small, about the size of a pencil tip. They are also flat and smooth. These warts are quite different as they are usually a very light color.

4. The filiform wart: These are long and narrow and are usually found on lips - mouth wart, oral warts - , eyelids and the neck.

5. The periungual wart: These are warts found under nails (finger or toenails)

6. HPV genital warts: These are found in the genital area. These are very contagious and are spread through sexual contact. These genetal warts include anal warts, venereal warts.

Watch this surgical plantar wart removal video…

Getting rid of warts naturally

Treatment for warts ~ Home remedies for warts...

- Raw potato juice is the most popular home remedy for warts. Just rub some potato slices on the area a few times per day, until it disappears.

- Onions can be used in the same way as the raw potato.

- Fresh pineapple juice ~ Just rub a piece of pineapple on the infected area or rub in the juice. The pineapple juice will dry the warts out.

- A fresh banana peel can be rubbed on the wart areas. This can be done a few times per day for getting rid of warts.

- Natural wart removal with Tea tree oil ~ Apply directly on the wart a few times per day.

- Get yourself a multivitamin that contains Echinacea, this will boost your immune system and get rid of the warts. Don’t use this longer than a week or so, if you use it too long it can loose its effectiveness.

- A combination of lemon slices and salt rubbed into the wart areas will dry them out.

- Fresh aloe plant or aloe gel can be applied to remove warts. It helps to heal the area faster too.

- Dandelion milk from the stem can be applied a few times per day.

- Garlic ~ Eat as much garlic as possible, it is a natural anti-biotic. This can be applied externally as well.

- Vitamin E oil is great to apply on most skin problems and is great at removing warts. Vitamin E and C can be taken in supplementation form to boost the immune system as well.

- A method that has been used for many years, is applying board chalk on the wart. Apply as many times as possible.

- Salicylic acid can be used on the wart. Just make sure you put it on only the wart and not the surrounding skin.

- Apple cider vinegar can be applied a few times per day.

Wart Treatment Tips

- Avoid picking, scratching at warts as they are very contagious and could spread to the rest of your body.

- Duct tape warts ~ You can smother a wart by covering it up so that it can’t breathe. After a few days it should shrivel up and fall off.

- Keep your skin dry, perspiration can cause further irritation and pain.

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