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Gluten Allergy Information & Gluten Allergy Symptoms

What is gluten intolerance?

Non-celiac gluten sensitivity labels those who cannot tolerate gluten and who experience symptoms similar to those with celiac disease, but without the intestinal injury as with celiac disease patients. Non-celiac gluten sensitivity is an innate (instinctive) immune response, as opposed to an adaptive immune response in patients with Celiac disease.

How can we recognize gluten allergies?

Gluten intolerance symptoms are often made worse by emotional stress, infections, surgery, pregnancy and childbirth. There are different levels of intolerance and not everyone with this condition has the same symptoms or severity of symptoms.

Gluten is present in a number of grass grains including: Wheat, Rye, Barley, Triticale, Kamut, Spelt and Oats.

The Specific Symptoms of Gluten Allergy

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•    The symptoms of gluten intolerance will usually include either weight loss or weight gain.

•    Low iron and other nutrients due to malabsorption.

•    Bloating, diarrhea, constipation, gassiness, abdominal pain.

•    The presence of fat in stools due to bad digestion.

•    Frequent immune problems such as colds and flu, infections such as yeast & bacterial infections. (Yeast infection causes)

•    Another gluten intolerance symptom is aching joints, cramps, tingling and even numbness.

•    Depression, touchiness and changes in mood and memory loss.

•    Gluten allergy symptoms may include constant headaches, heartburn and fatigue.

•    Irregular menstrual cycles, infertility (in men and women) and miscarriages.

•    Nausea and irritable bowel symptoms.

•    Low calcium and/or bone density loss.

•    An allergy to gluten usually results in a decline in dental health.

•    Allergies to gluten can result in eczema, psoriasis and other rashes.

•    Gluten ataxia is one of the more serious symptoms, and causes the immune system to attack the part of the brain called the cerebellum, and symptoms include: Difficulty swallowing, walking and talking.

•    Canker sores

If left undiagnosed, such food allergies can lead to diabetes, bowel cancer, anemia and osteoporosis.

A True Wheat Allergy.

Persons who have wheat allergies may experience gastrointestinal symptoms and rashes, but typically have other symptoms such as runny noses.

Wheat allergy symptoms:

•    Blocked or runny nose.

•    Watery, red, itchy eyes.

•    Hives and/or inflamed rashes.

•    Swelling of the tongue, face and/or lips.

•    Symptoms of wheat allergy may include Diarrhea.

•    Breathing difficulty.

•    Anaphylaxis, which is a rare symptom, is a life threatening problem that includes wheezing, difficulty swallowing, coughing, increase or decrease in heart rate.

Non Celiac gluten intolerance symptoms are difficult to diagnose on their own. There is no way for you to tell just by the symptoms, which type of allergy or health problem you actually have, you will need to see your doctor.

Some medical testing will be able to determine the cause of your discomfort. A wheat allergy is usually diagnosed with a skin prick test.

Treating Gluten or Wheat Allergies

It is often treated with medications such as anti-histamines, pain relievers or supplements, but this does not treat the root cause of the problem and only gives a few hours of relief.

For permanent relief it is best to identify your intolerance and then substitute that culprit food with another food.

Natural Remedies for Calming a Bad Gluten Reaction

* A half tsp of Turmeric in water will help calm and sooth. Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties.

* Peppermint or spearmint found in capsule form.

* 1 heaped tablespoon of crushed flaxseed.

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