Homemade Moisturizer Recipes for Dry Skin

Let me start first with the stuff people usually don’t want to hear. Sort of a tough love approach. Okay, so here goes. If you come right down to the nitty gritty of things, signs of what is going on inside the body often shows up in the skin.  Nothing controls what is happening inside – quite like your gut!  So we have to speak about digestion for a minute.  Many skin problems are related to digestion.  Most of us know that not getting the right nutrients can affect our skin, but so can poor digestion and absorption.

How’s your Gut Feeling??

My goodness but the gut is an interesting thing!! Your amazing intestines would cover a small football field, if it were laid flat. So as you can imagine, things could go wrong on this massive surface area. If you are under prolonged stressed, it shuts down its immune function. With the body’s soldiers snoozing, unwelcome molecules slip in unnoticed and trigger an allergic response. That’s why people who are under long term stress are more likely to develop food allergies and sensitivities.  

Too much stress suppresses the immune system and triggers inflammation. This inflammation can occur not only in your gut, but also anywhere in the body – particularly manifesting as dry skin conditions and eczema.  If this describes you, then pay special attention to the following suggestions:

  • Take a digestive enzyme with your main meal.  This will break the food down properly so that by the time it gets to your intestines, the work has been done effectively and the intestines can just focus on their own job.
  • Make sure the friendly bacteria in your gut are happy. The best way to do that is to buy a good probiotic and to take it daily for about 3 months.  
  • Also try avoid sugar and alcohol. These things can sabotage your progress!
  • Take good supplements. Sadly, you get what you pay for when it comes to vitamins.  So if you can afford the more pricey stuff – get it!  If not – don’t despair. Taking something is better than nothing! 
  • Focus on the supplements that encourage healthy skin such as:  antioxidants, vitamin B complex, zinc, selenium and omega 3 fatty acids.

So now that we know a little more about what’s causing dry skin from the inside, what can we do about it on the outside?  

Dry skin is usually associated with itching, irritation, cracking or peeling. Essential oils are a wonderful tool to use when trying to hydrate the skin.

Homemade Moisturizer using Essential Oils

This recipe I have tried and loved and have at this very moment a little bottle of it in my bathroom cupboard.  I have used it every day for months and then when my skin started to look a little shiny (and coincidentally, the seasons had also just changed), I used it less frequently.  You will need:

  • A 60ml glass dropper bottle of Argan Oil (that’s your carrier oil.  Fantastic for dry skin).
  • 10 drops rose essential oil.  The pure rose oil is very expensive, so most retailers carry only the rose blend oil.
  • 10 drops frankincense essential oil.  This has become one of my favourite oils.  It is one of the best oils for dry skins.  
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil.
  • If you can find myrrh and can afford it – then also add in 10 drops of myrrh essential oil. Add all those oils to the Argan oil, give it a gentle shake – and there you go!  

Put 1 to 3 drops of the oil onto the palm of your hand and then apply to all areas of your face, being careful of the eye area. You could use this oil in the morning and in the evening.  If your skin feels and looks too greasy then perhaps just use it in the evening. Also please remember to test the mixture on a small patch of skin, to check for any adverse reactions, before you apply it to a larger area.

Moisturizer using Olive Oil

I know you’re probably thinking, “olive oil and what?”  But on many an occasion, when my dry, red and extremely sensitive skin, could handle nothing else – I’d apply just plain olive oil to my face.  Try it if you are really struggling to find a moisturizer that doesn’t cause all sorts of sensitivities.  It works well for those dry skin types that become easily red and agitated.

Moisturizer using Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel absorbs super-fast and it actually plumbs up fine lines!  If you have a reddish skin or suffer from rosacea, then aloe vera gel is extremely beneficial as it desensitizes and cools hot skin.  

It moisturizes the skin without giving it a greasy feel.  It is a great hydrator and doesn’t clog up the pores.  You can apply it directly from the plant if you have one!  Or if that’s a bit to “house on the prairie” for you, then you can find it at most pharmacies and health food stores.   Applying a thin layer of the gel to your face is all you would need.  You can remove the gel with a warm face cloth, or you could leave it on for optimum absorption.  

Moisturizer using Aloe vera gel and lemon juice

You will need:

  • 60ml aloe vera gel (best to get it straight from the plant!)
  • 30ml lemon juice (use the real stuff, not the bottled stuff)
  • Mix those together and then apply to the skin.  Apply the mixture to a small area to test for sensitivity before applying to your face.

These moisturizer recipes will help your skin to retain water and protect it from the environment.  

Happy moisturizing!!

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