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Are your lips swollen and cracked? Itchy lips may due to a dry lip line. When one develops this condition, a burning sensation that itches and some form of bleeding may occur. 

This occurrence is common in both children as well as adults. By going through this article, you will learn the different causes, the associated symptoms as well as different remedies for itchy lips. 

Causes of Itchy Lips

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The following are the major causes of itchy sore lips: 

Infections: infections such as herpes simplex and the Kawasaki syndrome, which are known to infect the upper respiratory tract, may lead to the development of swollen itchy lips.

Sun poisoning: sun poisoning or excessive exposure to sunlight may lead to itchy red peeling lips. The lips end up developing cracks. This is because sunlight might in some cases lead to allergic reactions on the lips that lead to dry, chapped and itchy lips. When this happens the lower lip is subjected to more damage as compared to the upper lip. Though in some cases one may develop an itchy upper lip as well. 

Allergies: when one is allergic to certain chemical compounds or foods, angiodema (a hive like appearance under one’s skin) and hives may lead to swollen itchy lips. Foods which are normally associated with these kinds of allergic reactions include: eggs, soy, shellfish, fish, nuts, corn, milk products and peanuts. Some may develop itchy lips after eating mangos and similar types of fruits.

In most cases, it takes 2-4 hours for itchiness resulting from allergies to take place once a person has taken the substance that he or she is allergic to. It may be a sign of a person developing other medical conditions, such as a herpes simplex infection. Additionally, it takes 6-48 hours for those that occur as a result of an infection to occur from the time when one was infected. 

Deficiency of vitamins: itchy burning lips can be caused by vitamin deficiency. For instance, when you lacks Celitis, which is present in vitamin B12, there is a probability of your lips becoming red swollen and itchy.

Cancer: itching of the lips are also likely to develop when a person is a victim of oral cancer. Symptoms such as bleeding, redness and sores are likely to accompany victims suffering from cancer. 

Reactions: when one reacts to certain chemicals that are present in chap sticks, lip liners, lip gloss and lipsticks, itchy chapped lips are likely to occur. This makes some develop an itchy rash on lips. Itchy lips at night are also a probability of when one reacts to insect bites. 

Some weather conditions: dry and cold weather conditions may cause dry, itching lips. When the weather is dry, you may become dehydrated and as a result, this leads to itchiness and dryness of lips. 

Physical trauma: minor or major trauma to the area may also bring about itching. As an example, using dentures has led to some people complaining about itchy or inflamed lips. 

Vitamin A toxicity: cracking and itching of lips may result due to Vitamin A toxicity. If that is the case, lips are not the only parts that are effected, the whole body may become itchy. That usually happens as a result of vitamin A overdoes or chronic vitamin A toxicity. 

Treatment and Prevention

• Antimicrobial creams and antibiotics may be used when suffering from itchy lips as a result of an infection. 

• When the itchiness is a result of sun poisoning, applying some sunscreen on your lips is recommended as prevention. 

• Making use of petroleum jelly on your lips can curb and treat itchy lips, which develop as a result of being exposed to dry hot weather conditions. This is because petroleum jelly has moisturizing properties, which guard us from developing and treating itchy burning lips. 

• Staying away from foods which make us develop allergies and lip itchiness is normally recommended. In situations where the allergy is very severe, administration of anti-allergy medications and antihistamines is recommended. Effects of insect bites can also be controlled by this. 

• Taking foods which are rich in vitamin B and taking vitamin B supplements may heal and prevent itchy lips.

Natural Remedies

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* Apply pure Vitamin E oil to your lips. Vitamin E oil will help heal the skin as well as help relieve any itchiness. 

* Grapeseed oil is another great oil to reduce itchiness and keep the skin moist and supple. 

* Almond oil is a wonderful oil for this type of skin condition too. Almond oil will leave you with healthier, softer lips. 

* Avocado Oil relieves the dryness, swelling and itching associated with eczema. The anti-inflammatory agent reduces inflammation.

* Blackseed oil is not only great to apply on the outside, but when consumed can heal your body from the inside out. 

* Honey is antibacterial and moisturizing...combine this with sugar and you have a great combination for a soothing, moisturizing sugar scrub. Get your sugar scrub recipes here.

* Make your own healthy, natural lip gloss.  Find the free recipes here.

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