Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is a natural remedy that involves swishing oil in the mouth and through the teeth. This process pulls out harmful bacteria and germs that are present inside the mouth. Oil pulling therapy is the cheapest and most affordable health therapy there is.

You swish it around in your mouth without swallowing it for about 10 minutes, then you spit it out. It is just like using mouthwash. Some say that it has a detoxifying effect on your whole body. 

Why Coconut Oil?

Oil pulling with coconut oil is the best, as coconut oil is believed to be one of the healthiest oils in the world and it can change your life and health for the better. It also has a great taste compared to the other oils.

I prefer coconut oil because half of the fats in coconut oil, are proven to be antimicrobial, therefore, it can kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. 

Oil Pulling Instructions

Before you put the oil in your mouth, it is best to first rinse your mouth with some water, this will allow the flow of saliva. Take one or more tablespoons of whichever oil you are using, and swish. The oil will pull out all the bacteria and toxins in your mouth, leaving your mouth cleansed. Because your mouth is then clean, there are less toxins and bacteria delivered to the rest of your body, which has an overall detoxing effect. 

It is best done in the morning and on an empty stomach. Make sure you spit out the oil and rinse your mouth with clean water and you can also brush your teeth. You can use any vegetable oil for oil pulling, but coconut oil pulling is said to be the most effective. 

How many times you decide to oil pull is up to you. If you have a major health problem, you can do it three times a day for almost two months before seeing results. If it’s a minor problem, you can do it once a day for only two weeks and you will see the results. For faster results, you can add a drop of oregano oil to the coconut oil once a week, as it’s a more powerful anti-bacterial and you will definitely see the oil pulling results fast. 

For best results, you should use raw, organic Coconut oil, heated in hot water to melt it. 

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil Benefits

There are many benefits of oil pulling; it prevents and cures many diseases, if done correctly. All you need, is patience and continuous use. 

Some of the oil pulling benefits are as follows:

Whitens and brightens teeth.

Heals gums.

Prevents bad breath.

Relieves headaches.

Cures hangovers.

Various cancers.


Heart disease.

Kidney and lung diseases.


Stiff joints.

Gives fresher breath.

Improves sinuses.

Cures chest congestion.

Cures hormonal disorders.

Helps in sleeping problems.



Benefits related specifically to skin

Improves and smoothes skin.

Any skin related allergic reactions, such as eczema that is allergy related.

Clears the skin from acne and other immune related issues. 

Oil Pulling for Teeth

Oil pulling can be used to cure oral and dental problems. It is said to cure gum diseases and it helps freshen your breath. It relieves tooth sensitivity and bleeding gums as well. It prevents tooth cavities and makes teeth stronger. 

It is believed that oil pulling whitens teeth. The best oil pulling method is to let the oil dissolve in the mouth and mix with saliva to form a milky solution; this will pull out all the toxins. 

Oil Pulling and Weight Loss

When the body is detoxified, it helps reduce cravings, hence helping in reducing weight. The more you practice oil pulling, like maybe twice or thrice a day, the higher your chances of reducing weight. You should see positive oil pulling weight loss results within about three months. 

The Best Oil for Pulling

Oil pulling with coconut oil and black seed oil are my favourite, but sesame oil pulling has been found to have the same health benefits and results. 

You might need to change the specific oil you are using, if you notice any of the following oil pulling side effects:

coconut oil, oil pulling, oil pulling with coconut oil

• Nausea.

• Gum bleeding.

• Allergic reactions.

• Irritation to the skin. 

You should try different oils, until you find one that works best for you; they serve the same purpose. The oils used are natural, and therefore, cheap to purchase.

Oil Pulling Does it Work?

According to research, yes oil pulling does work and is very important to our health, especially oral health. As long as you follow the oil pulling instructions, as well as a healthy lifestyle, oil pulling should work. 

The health benefits of oil pulling are worth every minute you have to swish the oil in your mouth! 

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