Pink Eye Symptoms

What is Pink Eye?

Pink eye symptoms is caused by redness and inflammation of the membranes.

It can be caused by bacterial infections, viruses, allergies, irritation and toxic agents. The symptoms of pink eye only last between seven to fourteen days.

How Does a Person get Contaminated with Pink Eye?

Pink eye can be contracted in numerous ways:

●    Spreading from person to person - Simply by touching an infected surface or objects like infected mascara or eye drops.

●    Develops as a symptom of a disease.

●    Seasonal allergies when pollen and other allergens fill the air.  

●    Herpes simplex pink eye is caused by the sexually transmitted disease herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2. In type 1, eye herpes may develop and lead to pink eye. In type 2, pink eye may develop in an infant’s eyes after birth.

Different Types of Pink Eye:

●    Viral conjunctivitis.

●    Bacterial conjunctivitis.

●    Allergic conjunctivitis.

●    Eye drop conjunctivitis.

●    Herpes simplex conjunctivitis.

●    Giant papillary conjunctivitis.

●    Neonatal conjunctivitis.

●    Vernal conjunctivitis.

●    Epidemic kerato conjunctivitis.

●    Non-infectious conjunctivitis.

Symptoms of Pink Eye

The most common symptoms of pink eye, are the pink or reddish colour of the eyes, itchiness and irritation. Some of the different types of pink eye have their own unique symptoms. They include:

1.    Viral Conjunctivitis Symptoms:

        ●     Watery eyes and discharge.

        ●     Itchiness.

        ●     Discomfort.

        ●     Usually affects one eye, but can affect both.

2.    Bacterial Conjunctivitis Symptoms:

        ●     Yellow or green discharge.

        ●     Redness.

        ●     Irritation.

3.    Allergic Conjunctivitis Symptoms:

        ●     Tearing.

        ●     Swollen eyes and eyelids.

        ●     Itchiness.

4.      Eye Drop Conjunctivitis Symptoms:

        ●     Reddish colour in the eyes.

        ●     Irritation.

5.     Herpes Simplex Conjunctivitis Symptoms:

        ●     Severe burning.

        ●     Very painful.

        ●     Blisters may appear in the eye or eyelid. 

6.    Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis Symptoms:

        ●     Inabilities tolerate contact lenses.

        ●     Excesses amount of discharge.

        ●     Tearing.

        ●     Red bumps on underside of eyelids. 

7.    Neonatal Conjunctivitis Symptoms:

        ●     Reddish colour of eyes.

        ●     Puffy eyelids.

        ●     Discharge. 

8.    Vernal Conjunctivitis Symptoms:

        ●     Burning and watery eyes.

        ●     Discomfort in bright light.

        ●     Bumps may appear on underside of eyelids.

        ●     Area around cornea may become swollen and rough.

        ●     Itchiness.

9.    Epidemic Keratoconjunctivitis Symptoms:

        ●     Blurred vision.

        ●     Redness and irritation.

        ●     Light sensitivity.

        ●     Watery discharge. 

10.  Non-infectious Conjunctivitis Symptoms:

        ●     Itchiness.

        ●     Redness.

        ●     Burning sensation.

        ●     Reappears several times a year.

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