Removing Skin Tags

Removing skin tags and skin tag information

What are skin tags? A skin tag cannot harm you. So then what is a skin tag?

It is but a flap of extra skin. It can put a damper on your social life though…especially when the tag is on an open part of the body.

Many insurance companies will not pay for skin tags removal and this is why we are having a look at some home remedies to get rid of skin tags.

Before you use any of the following methods of removing skin tags, you should make sure that you are dealing with a skin tag and not some other form of skin problem. Google it first and have a look at some pictures of skin tags.

Characteristics of a skin tag

- A skin tag usually doesn't get bigger than a half an inch (1.3cm) but some have been found to get much larger.

- It may look like a flap of skin or small round shaped mass attached to the skin by a stalk like structure. They can be round or flat.

- A skin tag is soft and flexible. They are sometimes irregular in shape.

- A skin tag is usually the same color as the rest of your skin or slightly darker.

- They usually appear in the folds of the body like under your arms, eyelids, on the neck and even sometimes in the groin area “groin skin tag"

What causes skin tags?

- Most doctors suggest that a skin tag is the result of friction, since they mostly appear on places where the body rubs together.

- The main cause of skin tags seems to be hereditary. ~ Most people with skin tags have noticed that it runs in the family, so it could be genetic.

- Skin tags are more often found in women than in men.

- Another skin tags cause could be a potassium deficiency as mentioned below.

- Illegal steroids that are taken by body builders have been found to be one of the skin tags causes

- Pregnancy hormones can cause the growth of skin tags.

- Diabetes

- Old age

- Obesity

- Other causes of skin tags related to your diet.

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Skin tag removal at home…

How to remove skin tags ~ Home remedies for skin tags

- You can remove skin tags naturally with Derbisil (herbal extract) which will destroy the skin tag. This is a well known natural skin tag treatment.

- Getting rid of skin tags by strangulation. ~ Tie a string around the tag to remove blood supply, this will cause it to fall off within a day or two,

sometimes a bit longer. You can use a piece of sewing thread, dental floss, hair, fishing line or any other thin string.

- Home skin tag removal is as easy as applying clear fingernail polish to the tag everyday. This keeps the skin from breathing and the tag should fall off within two weeks or so.

- The best home removal of skin tags that I would recommend the most ~ How to remove skin tag by castration ;-) ~ You can cut it off, if you see chance for it. Numb your skin with ice cubes before cutting. Make sure your scissors or nail clippers are disinfected with some rubbing alcohol. Apply pressure afterward to stop bleeding. Keep the area clean with antibacterial cream until it is completely healed. Most people say this way of removal of skin tags doesn’t really hurt that much, it just stings for a little while. Make sure you are cutting off a skin tag and not a wart, warts have the potential of spreading when the blood touches other skin areas.

- A mixture of castor oil and baking soda mixed together to form a paste can be used as a treatment for skin tags and applied three times daily. They should fall off within a week or two.

- The best natural skin tag removal is to soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply three times daily (do not use on skin tags that are near to your eyes) Most people have said that the tags do not come back when they use this method.

- Cover the skin tag with a piece of air tight plaster just big enough to cover it. You will need to replace the plaster daily. This takes about three weeks to work.

- Freeze skin tag ~ Some GP doctors will burn the skin tag off or freeze it with liquid nitrogen for free.

- Some people recommend using compound W as a skin tag remover.

- Vitamin E oil applied topically and covered every day. This is a great skin tags treatment and should shrink the tag within a few days.

- Tea tree oil skin tag remove ~ Tea tree oil can be applied to a skin tag three times daily until it falls off.

Eliminating skin tags from the inside out

Skin tag removal and prevention...

- Garlic tablets can help with removing skin tags and preventing them from returning.

- Skin tags are usually a sign of potassium deficiency. Consider eating foods rich in potassium like: banana, raisins, prunes, apricots, dates, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, citrus fruits, beets, greens, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, soy, products, peas, beans, turkey, fish, beef, salmon and cod.

Other skin tag cures

- Removing skin tags, moles and warts

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