Signs Of Skin Cancer

Your skin and cancer

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer today.

Skin cancer research and facts…

- A growth or tumor that starts to spread is seen as cancerous, but if it does not spread it is benign (not cancerous) Most skin growths are benign.

- Cancer can occur on any part of the skin but is mostly found on parts of the body that are exposed to the sun

- Skin cancer is usually painless

What are the five signs of skin cancer?

Signs of skin cancer # 1. Look out for early signs of skin cancer, like new growth on skin like a lump or tumor or change in an existing skin growth

# 2. One of the most common skin cancer signs include sores that will not heal, a pimple that will not heal, a sore or pimple that oozes a fluid or bleeds or a sore or pimple that becomes a scab over and over again.

# 3. The growth has a combination of colors, the skin spot or growth has got rugged edges or change in skin surrounding a growth

# 4. Swollen lymph nodes

# 5. Other skin cancer warning signs include graying of the skin, weight loss, headaches, a chronic cough, or seizures

Types of skin cancer:

- Basal cell carcinoma ( basil cell skin cancer )

- Squamous cell carcinoma ( squamous cell skin cancer )

- Melanoma skin cancer (most dangerous form of skin cancer as it spreads very quickly)

What causes skin cancer & skin cancer prevention…

- You can prevent skin cancer by limiting your exposure to the sun as much as possible

- Use a waterproof sunscreen with a UVA protection of at least SPF 30.

- You should always see your doctor if you suspect skin cancer.

- Avoid being in the sun during the hottest times of the day

- Always wear a hat and clothes that cover all parts of the body when in the sun

- Tanning beds and skin cancer ~ Avoid the use of a tanning bed, which can also damage your skin.

The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet

Skin growths that are not cancerous

- Birthmarks or birth moles (congenital nevi)

- Acquired moles that develop during adolescence

- Liver spots (solar lentigines) are flat brown spots found on the hands, neck, forearms and face. These are usually caused by the sun and/or old age.

- Skin tags ~ Soft little flaps of skin usually found on the folds of skin caused by friction.

- Actinic keratoses ~ Scaly red skin patches caused by the sun damage. These can turn into cancer, therefore they are usually removed if found on the skin.

- Seborrheic kertoses ~ growths that look like warts, they usually come with age

- Cherry angiomas ~ red spots found on the chest and back, also come with age.

People that are at higher risk for skin cancer

- People that have already had skin cancer

- People who are in the sun often, this is one of the major causes of skin cancer

- Fair skinned people

Skin cancer natural treatment and home remedies for skin cancer

- Eat your recommended 5 fruits and veg daily

- Eat foods that are high in antioxidants

- Avoid meat, processed foods and preservatives

- Drink at least eight glasses of water daily

- Supplements that can be taken include; Beta carotene, Vitamin B, C, E, A, Selenium, Zinc, Calcium, Folic acid, omega 3, 6 and 9

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