Skin Boil

What is a boil?

The skin boil is an infection of the skin usually caused by Staphylococcus, this is when the hair follicles become infected.

Skin boils will usually take ten days from start to finish. You don’t need to wait for a boil to run it's course, there are natural home remedies for boils that will help you get rid of boils sooner.

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What does a boil look like?

- Boils are pus filled and swollen

- The surrounding skin is usually red and inflamed

The difference between boils and cysts

A cyst is a closed sac that can contain air, gas, fluid or semi-solid matter. It is encapsulated by lipid tissue. A cyst is usually not painful and just gets bigger and bigger over time.

A boil is usually a painful, puss filled follicle caused by infection and has a life span of only a few days.

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NB – You should try to treat your boils as soon as possible to prevent permanent scarring.

Are boils contagious? Some types of boils are contagious; this is why it is so important that you refrain from sharing personal items such as razors or towels.

Symptoms of a skin boil

- A painful nob appears first on the skin, the lump then becomes bigger and causes a lot of pain and sometimes itching too.

- Boils may be found together in clusters of just as one.

- Once the boil has ripened, it will start to ooze. Sometimes there is a “head" visible inside the boil, which is seen as a little white or black spot in the middle of the boil.

- A mild fever may be experienced. Your lymph nodes may also become swollen.

Treating skin boils and prevention of boils

- Boils treatment drain ~ Apply a warm compress. The warmth will help increase blood circulation to the area. This will also help the boil ripen faster.

- Boils that are found in areas of friction such as groin boils , boils on buttocks, inner thighs, under the armpits will need to be seen to immediately as they can become exceptionally painful, especially the boils in the groin area.

- You can detox your body for a few days by eating only fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water. After the detox you should avoid things like coffee, salt, sugar, processed foods and alcohol. This can help remove them even better than any of the home remedies for removing boils.

- Exercise can also detox your system and clean your blood.

- Once the boil has popped, you can start cleaning it with an antibacterial soap.

- Do not pop the boil yourself, this usually just makes the infection worse.

- Do not share bedding, clothing or any personal hygiene items with somebody who has a skin boil.

What causes boils?

- Staphylococcus bacteria which enter the sweat gland or hair follicles.

- Toxic blood “dirty blood" This occurs because of a poor diet

- Constipation can cause your body to try rid itself of toxins through your skin, which could result in all types of skin problems including boils.

- Ingrown hairs and blocked sweat glands

What increases your chance of getting boils?

- Diabetes, blood disorders, HIV, cancer, anemia, a person with an open tear in the skin, obesity.

- Stress can also make the occurrence of boils more frequent.

- Exposure to harsh chemicals and poor hygiene

- Weak immune system, such as when a person becomes ill.

Boil home remedies ~ Home treatment of boil

- One of the best home remedies to cure boils ~ Garlic and onion are both natural antibiotics. The juice of these may be applied on the boil to ripen them. Garlic can be taken as part of your diet to detox the body.

- Cumin seeds can be ground into a paste and applied to the boils.

- Warm some raw honey and place it on the boil, this will bring the boil to the surface faster and help heal it quicker too.

- Boiled parsley can be used as a warm compress…just make sure you do not burn yourself. The parsley can be wrapped in a thin cloth.

- Take Vitamin A, E, B, Zinc and C supplements.

- Calendula ointment can be applied to the skin as an antiseptic and is often used as a skin boil treatment.

- Turmeric powder can be applied directly on the boil to speed up the healing process.

- A warm Epsom salts bath can help for boils. You can put a handful of Epsom salts in your bath water every day.

- Tea tree oil mixed with a little olive oil can be applied directly to the boil. This serves as an antiseptic and helps heal the wound.

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