Skin Infection Treatment

Skin Infection Treatment comment

by anonymous

I have red dry patches on both knees and it seems like it’s spreading. I’m stressed because I suddenly have a dry red patch on the tip of my penis and I've been for STD tests and HIV, all seems to be fine. My Dr advised me to take antihistamine tablets and use fungicort cream. Nothing seems to help.

Please help. There are also traces of red spots on my feet and inside of my legs. Will send photos if needed

Thank you, what oral medication would you suggest?

Comment by Tracy

It’s really difficult to know what’s exactly wrong with you but I will try to give as much advice as possible.

Most spots on the penis and other parts of the body are completely harmless and actually very common. Occasionally it can be something serious and this is why it is always best to go to a health clinic because they are the experts that deal with this sort of thing every day.

You don’t need to feel embarrassed about this as these people deal with this sort of thing every single day.

General skin infection treatment tips

- Use detergents and soaps that are less harsh. Use natural soaps.

- Wash your clothing with HOT water every time you wash them

- Wear clothing that allows for breathing (cotton is best)

- Wear loose clothing and avoiding fabrics that make you sweat

- Avoid using scented creams, powder, perfumes

- Keep as clean and dry as possible

- Most importantly you should eat a balanced diet and drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to flush out your system.

- Take a multivitamin containing vitamin A and Zinc

- Plain yogurt (no sugar) with lactobacillus acidophilus can be applied to the red patches. It will relieve itching and burning. Leave it on for an hour at a time before washing off. You can do this three times per day.

- Eat as much garlic as you can, it’s a natural antibiotic

I can’t suggest oral meds because I don’t know what the exact problem is, but in my experience the natural way usually works best. It always helps to prevent and cure these things internally with some of the things I mentioned.

Medication usually only takes away the symptoms instead of removing the problem...but that's just my opinion. I think it would be best to go for a second check up, so that they can send a sample away and find out exactly what’s going on.

You should apply a moisturizer, just make sure it does not contain any scent or alcohol. The best it to use plain aqueous cream.

Let me know how it goes after a week or so

Comment by anonymous

I've been for three checkups already. thank you for the advice, much appreciated

Comment by Tracy

I forgot to recommend Epsom salts for skin infection treatment. Epson salts are useful in many types of wound-healing. It is cleansing, reduces inflammation, and it is somewhat anti-bacterial. I bath in epsom salts every night and it has reduced acne and dried out the eczema on my hands. All you can do is try.

Comment by anonymous

knee skin infection, skin infection picture

It’s a touchy subject and I appreciate your advice. I've never experienced this and its very embarrassing. Can I send you a pic of my knee?

Comment by Tracy

You can send the pictures and I will have them looked at

Comment by Tracy

We think it's an allergy related to stress and diet most probably.

What do you do as a living? What is your usual diet?

Have you heard of the Blood type diet?

My husband had a similar skin problem at the back of his legs and this cleared up completely after going on his specific blood diet. The theory behind it is that all blood types have specific foods that are easier to digest and some foods actually act like medicine in your body or poison. This can catch up with a person after a few years. Do you know what blood type you are?

I will send the blood type diet info to your email. Please try it for a week and then get back to me.

Also I found out that this type of thing can take up to two years to clear with just medication. It's a much better idea to try clear this from the inside out...with a natural skin infection treatment.

The avoidance of certain foods in your diet, according to your physiology, should help you get rid of your skin problem. Your body/liver is trying to detox things from inside your body.

When you do it from the outside with meds, it is treating the symptoms, but not taking care of the cause.

Comment by anonymous


Thank you for the help and advice, will definitely try the diet. I do website design but have been under a lot of stress the last year and a half due to some financial mistakes.

Thank you again. Is there no cream that I can use to clear the patch on my knees?

Comment by Tracy


It's a pleasure. Now I definitely believe that it has a whole lot to do with your stress levels. Has your financial situation improved yet?

Our bodies will let us know when they are unhappy. Bath in the Epsom salts, use the other advice in the first email and use the blood type will see results, you might even notice a difference after a week.

Try to keep stress at bay, get yourself a hobby that you love doing...sports are also a great way to get your exercise in for the day...exercise will help detox your body too.

As for a cream, I would recommend applying plain 100% lemon juice (no sugar added) The lemon juice will help heal it because of the Vitamin C content in it. You can do this three times per day. You can drink lots of lemon juice too. Just make sure it is good for your specific blood type before drinking it. Baking soda paste can be applied directly to areas affected as well. Put a little water in a small dish and add baking soda to make a pasty consistency. Tee tree oil is also great for skin infections.

Please let me know how things go.

Comment by anonymous

I'm a rugby ref so my fitness levels are quite good and my situation did improve, thanks again. I like seeing when people enjoy their jobs. thank you and I will keep in touch

Comment by Tracy

Oh, that's great! Look forward to hearing good news

Comment by anonymous

Hey, the patches on my knees are almost gone. The ones on my ....looks better but I need to keep putting betadine on, bath in epsom salt and I'm using l-lysine. Thanks for caring

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