Spider Bite Symptoms

Can you make out whether you’ve been bitten by a spider?

Spider bite symptoms might go unnoticed to start with, since these are likely to be mild in the beginning. However, if you’ve been bitten by the venomous kinds, you will soon begin to experience some of the most typical poisonous spider bite symptoms that might need immediate medical attention.

While most of the spiders are non-venomous, you need to be wary of a spider bite symptom, if it is either from the Black Widow or the Brown Recluse, both of which can be poisonous.

Our Tip:

A Black Widow Spider has a well-defined red-colored hourglass shape etched on its black body, while the Brown Recluse will carry a violin-like shape on its body. Read on for a detailed outline of the various symptoms you might experience.

Spider Bites – General symptom of spider bite

The nature and intensity of a bite will depend upon various factors such as the type of spider, part of the body it has bitten and most importantly, the individuals reaction to the venom. General symptoms, that might be brought on by a non-venomous spider bite could include:

• Itching, Swelling, Redness, Pain

Symptoms – Black Widow Spider Bite

black widow, black widow picture

Though the bite of a black widow spider is quite a dangerous one, it's initial symptoms are not very conspicuous. All you will feel is a small pinprick, immediately followed by some slight swelling and redness. It is only after a few hours that you will begin to notice the intense symptoms, from this particular type. symptoms of spider bite:

• Intense pain

• Severe stiffness

• Strong chills

• Fever

• Abdominal pain

• Nausea More infomation on black widow spider bites

brown recluse spider, brown recluse picture,

Symptoms – Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Similarly, symptoms after a spider bite, when from the Brown Recluse Spider will also be mild in the beginning but can aggravate to quite an extent within 8-9 hours of non-treatment.

The range of symptoms can include:

• Severe itching, Nausea, Rash, Local redness, Intense pain, Listlessness, Fever, Muscle pain


This type of a bite, if left untreated can eventually turn into a deep, enlarging blue-colored ulcer. If ignored, it can actually be fatal, especially in children.

In some cases, even when the spider bite is not venomous, it can cause an extreme allergic reaction, known as the anaphylactic shock that needs treatment. Report to your healthcare practitioner if you experience any of the below symptoms of a spider bite:

symptoms of spider bites, spider bites

• Reddish rash or hives

• Rapid swelling of lips, tongue or throat

• Wheezing

• Difficulty in breathing

• Severe cramping

• Loss of consciousness

• Cramps in the stomach

Spider Bites - Treatment Options

You need to make sure that you understand spider bite symptoms, and treatment will then come as the next step. Actually, unless you are very sure of the symptoms, a spider bite can often be mistaken for other skin problems such as herpes and other skin conditions. However, just to make sure that your spider bite symptoms do not cause any further complications; first aid should be duly administered.

Here are some of the steps you can take immediately after you notice symptoms on your body and then seek medical attention:

1. Wash and cleanse the wound using soap and water.

2. Using a snug bandage, stop the flow of the venom, especially if the bite is on your arm or leg.

3. Use a cold compress to soothe the symptoms.

by Jasmin Pannu

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