What Causes Skin Tags to Grow?

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(I am not a doctor, I am only sharing my own research findings and thoughts on skin tag causes)

You are not alone, more than half of everyone on earth, will grow a few skin tags sometime during the course of their existence.

Skin tags are not something that you are born with, but usually occur in the “prime of life”. ;-) The chances of getting them increase as we get older. Not all children are completely free from this pestilence though, they may develop them - although quite rare.

An increase in hormones can trigger the formation of skin tags. Skin tags love pregnant ladies and those who take steroids. Luckily skin tags themselves are harmless and only need to be removed if they become a pain for you. I had mine removed from my eyelid, as I hated seeing it in the mirror staring back at me.

Repetitive friction can cause skin tags to appear, but the actual cause of skin tags, I believe, is something more sinister...

Not the Usual Causes of Skin Tags

Skin tags are usually seen in patients with diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high “bad” cholesterol, but recent studies have tried to prove the correlation of inflammation in the body and the occurrence of skin tags.

The metabolic profile in patients with skin tags

What if the foods we eat are causing skin tags? Our skin tags may be an early indicator of other issues such as heart disease and atherosclerosis (a disease of the arteries characterized by the deposition of fatty material on their inner walls).

People who have high levels of fat and sugar in their blood are commonly found to struggle with skin tags and even a condition called Nigricans (neck and armpits are full of skin tags).

What are Skin Tags Really?

I recently had a conversation with a natural healer, naturalist and qualified chemist. He says that skin tags are our body’s way of trying to push something out. If you think of it, the way a skin tag is formed with a long stem and a rounder bit on the end - It does look like the body is trying to get whatever is “in there”, out and as far away from the body as possible. Could it be that skin tags contain toxins, maybe microorganisms or other harmful substances?

If you have a look at a diagram of all the “lymph” glands found in your body, you would notice that they correspond quite nicely with areas commonly affected by skin tags! Lymph nodes are there to rid your system from toxins. Coincidence? I think not.

My Personal Experience...

I had a skin tag on the top of my eye and had it cut off. To my horror a few months later I was greeted with another 4 skin tags on the same eyelid! At the time I didn't have the money to go have them cut off again, so I left them, hoping that they would not get any bigger.

About 9 weeks ago, I started a new, healthier way of living. Fortunately I had quit smoking 6 months prior. I started drinking 3L of water per day, I cut out all processed foods, all sugar, all dairy, coffee, and bad fats such as vegetable oils. I started eating more greens, more protein (white meat and eggs), more good fats such as coconut oil, nuts. I started exercising every second day.

The results? My skin tags are almost gone! I have two left and they are about half the size. This to me proves that your diet has a huge impact. Changing your lifestyle and diet habits might “get rid of skin tags naturally”, and improve your overall health.


Skin tags are benign tumors (Non cancerous) and said to be harmless, but they are a warning sign that our bodies are unbalanced from within. It's about time we start looking after ourselves and start eating “real foods” and cut out the junk. That's if we want to live longer, healthier lives!

So what are skin tags caused from? I believe they are the result of bad choices.

Natural Skin Tag Remedy

Any questions about skin tag causes...

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